The Multisensory Reading Centers of Puerto Rico offers reading intervention services for children K- 12

  • One-one intervention provided by highly trained and certified personnel and tailored to the individual student’s needs.

  • Cumulative, sequential lessons designed to approach phonics in a structured and explicit way.

  • Mid and End of the semester Progress Reports

I wanted to share with you a recent test, so that you could appreciate how far she (my daughter) has come this year. The grade she received bares little importance to us, I am really most proud that she was able to complete the test by herself with NO HELP. During the last Parent Teacher Conference at her school the teachers could not stop saying how her self confidence and self esteem have increased to the point that she is able to work independently and is learning without the “fear of making mistakes”. She is implementing the OG techniques to navigate through all her classes and mantains a positive attitude towards new material. Thank you MRC personnel for your trust in her and for giving her the tools she so much needs.
-Mother of a student diagnosed with a specific learning disability (reading delay and visual motor problems) and ADD
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Reading Clinic

Currently helping students become better readers

Participating Schools: 

  • Saint John’s School

  • Robinson School

  • Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas

  • Commonwealth Parkville School

  • Cupeyville School

  • Academia San Ignacio

  • Tasis

  • Baldwin School of PR

  • Josefita Monserrate de Sellés

  • Escuela Montessori

  • Ramey School

Summer Program 

One on one Orton Gillingham intervention provided by a certified specialist and tailored to invidiual student's needs.

This includes help with:

  • Reading

    • Fluency

    • Accuracy

    • Comprehension

  • Spelling

  • Writing

Students engage with teachers for 1 hour sessions 4 or 5 days per week. The lessons can be offered in English or Spanish.

Students must be aged 5 or older

To register, please contact us at or call us at 787-948-1071