Our History

Multisensory Reading Centers of Puerto Rico, Inc. (MRC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, incorporated in 2012 by two pioneer professionals in their respective fields. They joined forces after one of them was re-living, forty years later, her own reading struggles with her children. The other was a frustrated educator that had hit a wall with her students while being a First grade classroom teacher. She felt that regardless of all her knowledge, resourcefulness and relentless effort she was unfitted to effectively serve her struggling readers. In a spirit of collaboration, they embarked in the journey of demystifying dyslexia while growing experts in the field who could in turn effectively remediate the specific needs of struggling readers. 

Studies show that as many as 10% of students have dyslexia, which is a language- based learning disability. Many educators do not recognize the signs of language-based disabilities and are unaware how to best assist students with these challenges. Like our founding educator, many teachers working with these students lack the necessary skills to teach them to read as their education degrees often fail to equip them with basic tools and knowledge to accomplish this.  For this reason, from 2010-2013 an Orton-Gillingham (OG) teacher-training program was developed in partnership with Dr. Mary Farrell from the renowned Center for Dyslexia Studies at Farleigh Dickinson University in NJ. MRC then obtained accreditation from The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council in 2013. Six years later our OG teacher training program continues to afford the MRC an opportunity to proactively reach teachers in Puerto Rico and turn them into experts in the field of literacy. 

Ever since 2013, MRC has demonstrated its commitment with the advancement of education in Puerto Rico. In order to meet the diverse learning challenges of all students regardless of their socio-economic status we have expanded our reach to the public sector. Similarly, in order to offer all teachers in the island cutting edge tools in the field, workshops with leading experts are organized on an annual basis. Immersed in a vulnerable Puerto Rico facing numerous challenges that have lasted more than a decade, our believe in education is even deeper, our commitment to the students and teachers we serve is as strong as ever. 




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